Vietnamese instant coffee for the European market.

Europe is Vietnam’s biggest market for coffee.  In fact, Vietnam’s crops account for 20 percent of the coffee grown worldwide, firmly establishing the country as the globe’s second-largest coffee producer. 1.Vinacafe – Cafe 3in1, Gold original. Vinacafe has been supplying thousands of tonnes of high quality coffee every year since the late 1970s and has extensive […]

Vietnam – Review 2021 and Prospect for 2022

Vietnam 2022 Economic Prospect

Vietnam’s year 2021 was by far among the most difficult to date. While Vietnam was praised around the world for managing the pandemic in 2020, the Delta variant proved to be too much to handle, resulting in severe lockdowns, production interruptions, and supply chain disruptions. While most Western countries had a painful 2020, Vietnam’s 2021 […]


Vietnam spices market

On the Vietnamese spice market, there is a tough competition between potential foreign enterprises and experienced local businesses. According to Nielsen Market Research Company, between now and 2022, the Vietnamese seasonings and sauces market will increase by an average of 25-32 percent per year. Vietnamese companies are attempting to compete with foreign firms in this […]

RCEP and Opportunities for Vietnam

RCEP members

According to Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) will enter into force on January 1, 2022. The RCEP expands on ASEAN’s free trade agreements, fostering economic integration and influencing future trade policy. As a signatory to multiple trade accords, Vietnam’s participation in the RCEP will help it further eliminate […]

Vietnamese companies finding solutions for export

Due to Covid 19 pandemic, Vietnamese factories are facing problems in completing orders for export. The breaking of  the global supply chain not only affect the export but also the import of the materials for production. Thus, this time is a really hard time, because demand rises at the end of the year. Source: VTV […]

Get to know about Vietnam’s import and export regulations

import export

Having a good understading of one country’s import and export regulations, as well as procudures, is important, and it is a must if you want to trade internationally. Today we give you the key regulations of Vietnam import and export, we think it will be a good source of information you need to start trading […]

More understanding about Halal

In previous post, we know that Halal is an important certification to Muslism matkets. But, why it is so important. This article will let us know more and deeper about Halal. “Halal” is an Arabic word meaning permitted, the opposite is “haram”, means unlawful or prohibited.  These words are used in all kind of food, […]


This is an independent, impartial review of a licensed agency / organization to confirm that specific products / services assessed do not use Haram ingredients (banned substances as prescribed. of Islamic law) and conditions of production / provision of services that meet the requirements of the Quran and Shari’ah law and Halal standards.Halal Products (Halal […]